E-Design Service

E-Design Service


Have a space you want to change? Tired of the boring room that drags you down? Want a more Instagram worthy room that will radiant positive vibes? Hire Us!

Lets help you create the space you want with the any budget! Restyle, Renovate and Revamp your Room! 


We are surrounded by two interiors, the worldly interiors (home interiors) and personal interiors ( mind, body and soul).  This service is perfect for someone who wants to bring peace and purpose in their lives by creating a space that empowers. I will help you personally help design the space that will radiant positive vibes. This space will be designed by your personal taste and your budget. Everything will be catered to your style. And the best part I can do all this virtually! 


Home Interiors: Let me help you create the perfect space.

  • Step by Step to creating a Space the Empowers

  • Personal Virtual Interior Designer, includes Video calls

  • Customized mood-boards for your space

  • Budget friendly personalized shopping list, resources to where to buy the items you need



  • Retail Discounts to all Karama Products

  • Personalized 8x10”print of your favorite quote

This offer is also available for clients in the Tri-State area, Hoda and her team will personally come and revamp your home!


Hoda Jaludi, is a certificated Interior Designer, Design Psychology Coach and has her BA in Psychology. Throughout the years, Hoda has seen the impact design has on one’s well being. In her own life experiences, Hoda realized the importance of having a safe haven, every home should have a place to retreat and re-energize. She is devoted to create these sacred spaces in every home around the world.

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