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About Us 

Karama by Hoda is a contemporary lifestyle brand, specializing in Modern Arabesque Homeware and Loungewear. Delivering a myriad of stunning, modern, and tailored products. Everything is custom-made with love in-house, fusing contemporary style while preserving ancient Eastern art. We believe that great designs should inspire greatness, shaping a future that celebrates cultures while empowering individuality. Our inspiration is rooted in the beautiful planet we call home. Everything around us is unique, as are the products we strive to create. Each Karama design is refreshingly original, featuring one-of-a-kind prints and patterns.


The Story

Karama by Hoda was born in 2012, when Hoda was on the hunt for an escape from life’s hardships. She desperately searched for a voice of inspiration. Little did she know that voice had been inside her all along. As a passionate designer, Hoda started to focus on creating inspirational, meaningful designs. She found her purpose by searching for what was wrong with the world. One of these things was the generic, predictable patterns and prints peppering chain stores. Nothing was unique. Nothing told a story. Shops sell clothing for the sake of selling clothing. As a certificated Design Psychology Coach, Hoda made it her mission to change this, using her degree in psychology and design to finally make attire and products tell a story. Hoda believes great designs can make a great impact. So, she set Karama into motion – creating a sacred space where she could inspire greatness through design while sharing her story.

Modern Arabesque Designs- Karama by Hoda- Moroccan Scarf Bohochic Scarf

The Designs 

Having grown up in NYC, Hoda was always inspired by the modern art decorating the city’s buildings. Being of Arabian heritage, she wanted to achieve the best of both worlds by fusing contemporary with traditional. This is an integral part of Hoda’s mission, bringing Eastern aesthetics to the Western lifestyle. She’s passionate about combining both cultures and being the “voice” of those born in the Western world with Eastern background – just like Hoda.  Hoda’s designs speak to the masses. She uses Arabesque art to fuse the two, creating Karama’s signature design style, “Modern Arabesque.” Modern Arabesque style is bringing intention and purpose behind every style you design. Karama continues to design items that give people a voice and inspire the nation to make the impossible, possible.